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Dear Credit Union Friends, 

The holiday season is an excellent opportunity to reflect on the historic events of the past year, while also looking forward to opportunities in the rapidly approaching New Year. And what a crazy year it has been for all of us; challenging and full of so much loss, but also a year of so much humanity. Through it all, credit unions have remained strong & steadfast in their commitment to ‘People Helping People’.

Here at Love My Credit Union Rewards, we are taking a moment to celebrate our many achievements this year and gearing up for a remarkable 2021. We are also taking the time to appreciate all of the credit union partners who make our success possible.

Of course, I must also express my gratitude for the remarkable group of people who work tirelessly each day at Love My Credit Union Rewards to bring value to you and your members. Our dedicated employees turn what was once a bunch of good ideas into reality on a daily basis and truly make a difference for everyone who engages in our program.

In 2020, we said goodbye to Sprint and welcomed a new member offer from Tracfone that could not be more uniquely important for members than it is right now. We saw more members take advantage of the TurboTax discount than we have in the last three tax seasons and we added an exclusive $100 cash reward from Carvana that will have a tremendous impact in 2021.

Before we wrap up this year, we are announcing one more exceptional member offer from our new partners at IdentityIQ. This best-in-class identity theft and monitoring solution offers an innovative approach to a service we’ve all seen a million times and this new program offers participating credit unions a lucrative, recurring, non-interest income stream.

We appreciate each and every one of our partner credit unions, and we are thankful that you have entrusted us to negotiate exclusive member benefits on your behalf. While you are in the very capable hands of the LMCUR team, I am always available and would welcome direct contact at any time with feedback, ideas or concerns. I look forward to working more closely next year with many of you to develop custom marketing plans that meet the unique needs of your membership and organizations.

From all of us here at Love My Credit Union Rewards, best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season and a prosperous new year.


What's New?


Love My Credit Union Rewards has partnered with IdentityIQ, an innovative leader in identity theft protection and credit monitoring that empowers its customers to be proactive with their financial future. Your credit union will earn non-interest income and your members save up to 35% off the best pricing in market and get unlimited access to the ScoreCasterIQ simulator, which provides a detailed credit report analysis, recommended actions for targeted improvement, and education on optimal credit score scenarios.

Please join us for a 30-minute webinar where we will cover:

  • How your credit union can receive revenue share with this new offer.
  • How members can protect their identities online.
  • How the unique ScoreCasterIQ bundle helps to educate your members about their financial health.
  • How IdentityIQ combines dark web and other monitoring alerts to help your members avoid pains associated with identity theft.
  • ...And much more

Click on one of the links below to register for an upcoming webinar:
Tuesday, Jan 5th, 2021 (3:00pm EST)
Wednesday, Jan 13th, 2021 (1:00pm ET)
Tuesday, Jan 26th, 2021 (3:00pm ET)

New Marketing Reporting Tool

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Reporting your marketing is now easier than ever! Simply log in to the Partner Center, click the blue “Report Marketing” button, enter your marketing metrics and submit. That’s it! Update your marketing as you complete it or on a quarterly basis and help us learn from your success!

Marketing Reporting Tool

Partner Updates

Tracfone image (1)-1-1

"NEW" Wireless Program

The holidays are a popular time of year for members to switch wireless carriers. Don’t let them get locked into a “sticky” long term contract with a Premier wireless carrier without knowing they have a much more affordable option. Your members can now get the same service on the same network they use today and even keep the same phone and phone number and receive significant, exclusive savings just for being a member of your credit union. 

Ever heard of Tracfone? How about Net10? Total Wireless? Simple Mobile?

Behind the scenes, these brands purchase bulk wireless service on the AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile networks at wholesale prices, then offer that service for a whole lot less. And with extra discounts available exclusively on Love My Credit Union Rewards, members can save up to $360 every year and credit union employees receive even deeper discounts!
And there’s no fine print. No catch. No bamboozle. There are no activation fees, no cancellation fees, unlimited free plan switching, and no contracts. 

Tracfone caters to members spending more time on home Wi-Fi, who may not need unlimited data every month. They can choose from any one of the three wireless networks and unused data rolls over for months when more cellular data is needed.
Net 10 is for members in need of unlimited data and also has the benefit of choosing service from Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile.
Simple Mobile is often the best brand for younger members with high data usage needs. This brand may also be a good fit for members who switched to Sprint and are now on T-Mobile, but looking to lower their monthly bill.
Total Wireless runs on the Verizon network and has added benefits for families or small businesses looking for discounts on multiple lines.
And Safelink monthly service is 100% subsidized and available for low-Income members or members who qualify for some form of government assistance, including unemployment. 

Enrollment is now open. Simply click here to get started.

Join one of our upcoming webinars to learn more about the best kept secret in wireless and how much you and your members can save every month:

Thursday, Jan 7th, 2021 (3:00pm EST)
Tuesday, Jan 19th, 2021 (1:00pm EST)
Thursday, Feb 4th, 2021 (3:00pm EST)


"NEW" Used Car Offer from Carvana 

There are more than 43,000 used car dealerships in the U.S. and they all share one thing in common — 87% of Americans say they dislike their shopping experience and 24% would rather have a root canal. Carvana is on a mission to fix that problem and at the rate they're growing, they’re set to succeed.

 Carvana and Love My Credit Union Rewards have joined forces to offer members a $100 cash reward for the purchase of any vehicle through our co-branded members-only website. And your credit union will receive free real time loan leads every time one of your members enters the marketplace!

With an inventory of more than 20,000 used cars, members will shop and fill out purchase paperwork entirely online, and then receive their vehicle hand delivered. Carvana prices are non-negotiable, but in line with Kelley Blue Book prices and they only sell newer model, certified pre-owned cars that have never been in an accident and are in very good or excellent condition. As with all things digital, removing the overhead that comes with physical dealership locations enables Carvana to pass savings on to the consumer. And every buyer gets 7 days with up to 400 miles to return the car if they change their mind, no questions asked.

Free marketing materials are available in the Partner Center today and this offer will come online for members in late-December or early-January, so click here to get your credit union enrolled today!

Join our short webinar to learn more about this exciting new program:
Wednesday, Jan 6th, 2021 (3:00pm EST)

Wednesday, Jan 20th, 2021 (1:00pm EST)


Get Ready for Tax Season – New Content Hub Articles & Marketing Materials are Here!

Well it’s that time again. As we near the end of 2020 (phew!) your members are going to start thinking about doing their taxes. Love My Credit Union Rewards and TurboTax are here to help your members navigate through the upcoming tax season.

Tax Content Hub Update – New articles have been added to the Partner Center so you can help your members understand how the events of 2020 may impact their taxes.  Check out the new articles in Tax Content Hub, below is a sample of the topics:

  • The Impact of Stimulus Payments on Your Taxes
  • Tax Tips for Unemployment Income If You’ve Been Laid Off or Furloughed
  • Your Top Tax Questions About Working Remotely, Answered

New Marketing Materials – Marketing materials are now available which include web and mobile banners, email templates, newsletter messaging, social media content, and much more. Marketing timing is key as 70% of your members will start their return by mid-February, so promote the TurboTax savings today!

FREE Email Service – We are pleased to continue our email service to assist you in sending TurboTax emails to your members. Let us save you time and resources by having our team create and deploy your co-branded email to your members on your behalf. Over 200 credit unions have used this service with great success.  Click here to sign up today.

Webinars – Please join one of our 30-minute Marketing Best Practices webinars to learn about key marketing dates, our FREE email service, new articles added to our Tax Content Hub and tips for a successful tax season!

We look forward to helping you bring expert help and savings to your members this tax season!

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