CU Solutions Group and Love My Credit Union Rewards

"New" Wireless Program Overview

Last year, Americans spent more than $284 billion on wireless products and services. A third of them were credit union members and most of them spent more on wireless service than they needed to.  Members are overspending on an essential service in the midst of unprecedented economic challenges. Love My Credit Union Rewards has partnered with Tracfone to provide credit union members a savings of up to 33%-63% on their wireless plan.

Tracfone is the fourth largest wireless provider in the US and the largest US wireless provider for what is known as no contract wireless service. What's different about no contract? The no contract market provides exponentially more savings opportunities for members without a loss in quality of service. Tracfone brands use Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile networks so your members get the same great high-speed coverage,  including 5G speeds where available.

By partnering with us you can now offer your members the exact same wireless service on the exact same cellular networks and they can even keep the exact same mobile phones and pay a fraction of what they pay today.

Benefits for You and Your Members

Credit Union Benefits


  • Free marketing materials and best-in-class client management support
  • Access to an exclusive employee discount program
  • Significant savings for your members
  • Revenue share opportunity for top performing credit unions

Member Benefits


  • Same phone, same number, same network
  • Dependable, high-speed, coast to coast coverage
  • Latest and greatest devices
  • Plans for every household and every budget
  • No Contracts, no hidden fees
  • Monthly discount on all plans